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Fialová Daniela, PharmD, PhD

Chair of the Scientific Committee for Prague 2013 ESCP Symposium

Head of the Dept for Postgraduate Studies in Clinical Pharmacy, Institute for Postgraduate Education in Healthcare Prague; Researcher and Clin. Pharmacist at the Dept.of Geriatrics and Gerontology, 1st Faculty. of Medicine and Dept. of Social and Clin. Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic


Clinical pharmacy has been developed in Europe and other countries for decades in many different settings of care- hospital and emergency care, ambulatory care, community pharmacy practice, nursing home care, home care, palliative care, etc. We have a unique opportunity to collect experience about the implementation of clinical pharmacy in different countries of the world and to adopt new strategies for further development of our field and its services in different healthcare systems.

The upcoming 42nd European Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy will be held on 16- 18th October 2013 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and Heart of Europe. It will focus on „IMPLEMENTATION OF CLINICAL PHARMACY PRACTICE: RESEARCH, EDUCATION AND MANAGEMENT“ ( and will create an open platform for sharing different experience and ideas on the implementation of clinical pharmacy practice and advances in clinical pharmacy teaching, practicing and management. Plenary sessions of this Symposium will be organized around three main pillars (see


Area I/ Experience with the implementation of clinical pharmacy practice in hospital and ambulatory care in the USA, Australia and Europe


Area II/ Approaches to individualized pharmacotherapy in patients at special risk of adverse drug events (particularly in complex older adults, psychiatric patients, patients suffering from pain and cancer)


Area III/ European perspectives and strategies for future development of clinical pharmacy education, research and management


Internationally renowned experts and excellent speakers from the USA, Australia and many European countries accepted invitation to participate at the plenary sessions of this Symposium.

On Day 1 Prof. Barry L. Carter, PharmD., FCCP, FAHA, FASH (Past President of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and The Patrick E. Keefe Professor at the Pharmacy Department and Department of Family Medicine, University of Iowa, USA)  will review factors that led to successful implementation of clinical pharmacy in the USA in inpatient hospitals, ambulatory care clinics and community pharmacies and will discuss how structural and educational features unique to the U.S.A. developed a large core of leaders of clinical pharmacy in this country. Key accreditation practices (accredited residencies, specialties) that increased the acceptance of clinical pharmacy services will be emphazised at the lecture and threats and opportunities to the expansion of clinical pharmacy in hospital and ambulatory care discussed.

Many other excellent speakers will lecture on the Day 1 of the Symposium about the development and implementation of clinical pharmacy- Prof. Tim Chen, PhD, DipHPharm, BPharm, MPS MSHP (Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, Australia), Prof. Kurt Hersberger, PharmD, PhD (University of Basel, Switzerland), Prof. Anne Spinewine, PharmD, PhD (Associate Professor at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain Drug Research Institute, Belgium), etc. Prof. Chen is nationally and internationally renowed expert in medication review research and will speak about strategies to reduce medication harm and the successful research-based implementation of clinical pharmacy practice through Home Medicine Review Program funded by the Commonwealth Government in Australia. He will review experience and strategies for development of clinical pharmacy in ambulatory care. Prof. Anne Spinewine will summarize development of clinical pharmacy services in hospital setting in different European countries and will discuss results of European randomized control trials focused on optimization of pharmacotherapy by pharmacists and clinical pharmacists in different settings of care (with a special focus on care for older patients).

The 2nd Day of the Sympozium will be devoted to individualized drug therapy. Morning plenary lectures will start with practical examples about important role of psychosocial and behavioral factors in pharmacotherapy appropriateness and quality. Results from the multicentric European studies on medication compliance will be presented, as well as studies analyzing role of psychosocial factors in the variation of patients´ response to pharmacotherapy. Importance of placebo and nocebo effect in clinical practice will be emphasized (speakers: Prof. Kardas (Poland), Prof. Horne (UK) and Prof. Benedetti (Italy)). Afternoon and evening plenary symposia will summarize “Standardized tools and indexes for clinical pharmacists used in resolution of drug-therapy problems” and „Approches to individualized pharmacotherapy in psychiatric patients and patients suffering from pain and cancer” using applications of knowledge of clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenetics.

Third day of the Symposium is reserved for European plenary lectures and discussions on recent situation, experience and future directions of clinical pharmacy in three main areas: Education (pre- and postgraduate), Research and Management. Lectures of Prof. Bates and Chair of the Education SIG Committee (Dr. Moira Kinnear) and members of GC ESCP Committees (Dr. Anne Leendertse and Dr. Markus Lampert) will review the situation in Europe and future recommendations.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate at Prague Symposium interactive workshops and Master Class in Pharmacy Practice Research organized by ESCP Research Committee- Dr. Mara P. Guerreiro (Portugal) and Prof. Marcel Bouvy (The Netherlands) on October 15th, 2013 from 9 to 17.30 o´clock! On this day, discussion meeting for Czech clinical pharmacists will be organized by the Department for Postgraduate Studies in Clinical Pharmacy, Institute for Postgraduate Education in Healthcare, Prague and several speakers of the 1st Day of the Symposium will participate at this event (October 15th, 2013, Hotel ILF Prague, from 14 to 17 o´clock).

All organizers cordially invite you to join important ESCP fall symposium in Prague!


It will certainly bring you many experience and inspiration for the development of clinical pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy services at your home country (registration is open at

Symposium Secretariat: CZECH-IN s.r.o., 5. kvetna 65, 140 21 Prague 4, CZE | tel.: +420 261 174 301 | fax: +420 261 174 307
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